Top Scales for Measuring Cannabis and CBD Oil

Measuring Cannabis

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Top Scales for Measuring Cannabis and CBD Oil

If you’re in the cannabis business, you know the necessity of accurate weighing and portioning, all regulated by state governments and regulatory agencies. You need the best cannabis measuring scales possible to ensure that calibration, accuracy, and product measurements are perfect. Totalcomp scales are the ideal place to start for your cannabis or CBD business.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cannabis scales to measure your cannabis products available.

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Small Pocket Digital Scales

Totalcomp Pocket Scales are ideal for carrying around easily from room to room or cultivation facility to production facility to dispensary as needed. Our favorite pocket digital scale brand favorites for measuring CBD products and cannabis products are Ohaus and A&D. The CL, CS, or PS Ohaus scales can’t be

beat for portability and ease of use. All four scales are lightweight, compact, and suitable for use in the cannabis industry no matter which legal state you live in. These scales generally run on 3 AA batteries with an optional AC adapter should you need it. Pocket scales measure grams, ounces, and pounds, and optional accessories such as aluminum scoops, bowls, black aluminum scoops, gold scoops, and a carrying case can be purchased, as well.

Small Compact Bench Scales

The Totalcomp Compact Bench Scale EK-i models are excellent for use in a cultivation operation, a production facility for CBD oils, or in a standard dispensary or retail cannabis store. The scales are small enough to carry in one hand, and easily balanced on a table where you need them. These scales

measure grams,ounces, and pounds with ease, and have other great features like different sizes, different weighing capabilities, and optional rechargeable batteries, underhooks, carrying cases, anti-theft devices, and AC adapters.

Large Platform Scales

Weighing CBD oils and other concentrate products requires a small scale such as pocket and portable digital scales — but a large cannabis cultivation operation needs a larger, more rugged scale like a bench scale. Totalcomp has dozens of large platform, or bench/floor scales, to choose from, varying in size. Scales may be small enough to fit on a tabletop, or large enough to weigh 50-150 pounds of cannabis at one time. The type of platform scale you purchase will depend on the specific factors of your cannabis business. These types of scales are ideal for cultivation or production warehouses, as well as curing, trimming, and packaging processes on a large scale.

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These scales are used in all types of agricultural, livestock, veterinary, and warehouse applications, and are perfect for a large-scale cannabis business to ensure product is properly and accurately weighed and packaged for dispensaries across the country. Our favorite is the Ohaus Defender series, ranging from smaller to larger sizes with wall-mountable displays and different configurations to help make your job

(and your employees’ jobs) easier. Defenders are top-of-the-line cannabis industry scales that deliver with all the bells and whistles your business needs to keep product flowing.

Portable Scales

In any type of agricultural industry, including cannabis, portability is key. Totalcomp has many different types of portable platform scales that can be moved from one area of your cannabis operation to another, with little fuss and no effect on accuracy. Our portable CBD oil scales feature stainless steel platforms and

construction along with tubular frames built to go the distance with your cannabis business. Locking, swiveling white plastic wheels and brakes help you move these scales wherever they are needed.

Hanging Scales

Hanging scales are ideal for the cannabis industry in many cases, especially in dispensaries. While digital scales may be the norm and considered easier to place, some boutique cannabis dispensaries and cultivation operations may use hanging scales to free up floor space and still get the most accurate weighing measurements for grams, ounces, pounds, and multiple pounds of cannabis product. Totalcomp’s hanging scales range from heavy-duty types to simple scales like the IN-50 hanging scale.

Cannabis industry weighing takeaways:

  • Portability is key
  • Small to large scales are needed
  • Gram, ounce, and pound weighing ability is necessary

No matter which Totalcomp scale you choose for your cannabis business, you can always rely on its accuracy, increasing your local and state compliance and guaranteeing your customers always receive the correct amount of product.